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 AR-2030VISION is our corporate vision 2030 through which we will achieve our ideal situation of being a technology company that enriches people’s lives and makes vast contributions to society. Within this Vision, we have outlined the guiding principle of increasing stakeholder engagement. We maintain a constant awareness that companies exist to serve society and will remain committed to being a company that contributes to society by continuously fulfilling our social responsibilities. And through engagement with all our stakeholders, we will continue to increase our corporate value.

 The policy for our 13th Medium-Term Management Plan starting from April 2020 is to Achieve Fundamental Growth by Strengthening our Foundation through Sincere and Agile Engagement.
Our strength is in our sincere and agile engagement. Thinking and acting sincerely is the foundation for us to maintain our existence as an invaluable part of society.

 Our corporate value comprises the fundamental elements of our connections with our target markets and customers, our core technology, and our employees who make both of those possible. We will further strengthen our connections to our target markets and our customers and develop these connections on a global scale. We will further develop and strengthen the core rubber technology to meet the needs of these markets. Furthermore, we will continue to provide motivating work environments in which our employees can continue these activities. We believe these initiatives will increase the quality of our corporate value and lead to further growth for our company.

 Fifty years have passed since our company was founded by Iwao Ito in 1970. Since then, we have overcome many challenges to make unique contributions to society through our commitment to sincere engagement. Evolutions in technology and changing perceptions will drive the development of a new society. We will continue to embrace our corporate philosophy and pass this philosophy on to future generations.