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Development system

■Live up to customers' expectations with high quality and economic efficiency

ASAHI RUBBER INC. aims to live up to customers' expectations by developing essential parts for products which help to solve environmental issues including human health problems and innovative products for creating new green markets, adding the keywords for growth of “mastery and sensitivity”, based on our three core technologies of: "color / light control", "surface modification and micro processing", and "material denaturalization", each a source of our unique competitiveness.

■Academia-industry collaboration

As a means to develop advanced materials as well as exploiting business opportunities, ASAHI RUBBER is promoting collaborative research projects with universities and public research organizations.
With Iwate University:
Fundamental research on rubber, Fundamental and applied research on molecular bonding,
With Saitama University:
Development of light with less eyestrain as a project of Human-machine Interaction System Engineering,
Research over wearable device market as a project of Advanced Institute of Innovative Technology
With National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute:
Study on plasma air-flow control electrode for wind turbine employing molecular bonding technology, as well as market research and product development using the air-flow control technology besides for wind turbine.

■Business to business collaboration

Aiming larger contribution in therapeutic and diagnostic markets in which ASAHI RUBBER has expertise, collaborative sales with TANAC on surgical procedure training models is launched. The training models are made of “Low-hardness Compounding Material” produced by TANAC's outstanding technology. Collaborative products are under development with TANAC as well by fusing ASAHI RUBBER’s compounding technology. Cross selling to the market in which TANAC has expertise is also planned to be promoted.


■Research and development system

ASAHI RUBBER unleashes its comprehensive power with enhanced teamwork between sales, research and development divisions. For the purpose of creating new business, new products and reinforcing technology platform, "Strategic development themes" are being driven forward by internal and external technology merge as well as state of the art technology incorporation.

■Three associates obtained Doctor of Engineering

Asahi Rubber Inc, has been focused on R&D ever since its establishment and has introduced a lot of new products into the market. As a part of the activities, we support what we call coordination between industry and academia, i.e. cooperation with universities. We regard the activities as an important initiative to promote the development of new products. As a matter of fact, in joint research with Hokkaido University, we have commercially developed "Rubber Phantom", a whole human body phantom for measuring electromagnetic waves, and we have also designed "Saporous" welfare and long-term care goods using sanitary, shock-absorbent foam with Nihon University. In addition, we encourage executives and associates of subsidiaries to take Ph. D. courses for working people and to obtain Doctor's degrees in university laboratories.