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Privacy Policy

With regard to any personal data handled through our recruiting activities, Asahi Rubber has established the Personal Information Control Regulations to ensure compliance with legislation on personal information and protection of the rights of data subjects, fully recognizing the social responsibility of the Company. We have also established the Personal Information Protection Management System to realize the following principles. We hereby declare our commitment to make companywide efforts to continuously improve the system, by continually recognizing the development of state-of-the-art IT technology and changes in social needs and the business environment
  1. In the process of our business operations related to rubber products manufacturing and sales, which is our core business, IR activities, and recruiting activities, we shall ensure that personal data is fairly and lawfully obtained, used, and provided only for executing our operations, recruiting employees, and administering human resources, and that adequate, relevant and not excessive personal data is processed only for specified purposes.

  2. We shall comply with laws, governmental guidelines, and other regulations on privacy protection.

  3. With regard to risks related to leakage, loss, and damage of privacy information, reasonable security measures to prevent such accidents shall be undertaken; we shall continuously improve the Personal Information Protection Management System, by investing business resources according to the actual condition of our operations. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, we shall immediately take corrective measures.

  4. 4. Any complaints and inquiries related to our processing with privacy information shall be given an immediate and appropriate response in good faith.

  5. The Personal Information Protection Management System shall be continuously improved, by properly reviewing it at the appropriate timing in view of changes in the environment surrounding the company.

Asahi Rubber shall ensure that all employees fully understand these principles and shall take measures, for example, posting them on the company website, in order to make them accessible to anyone at any time.