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 AR-2030VISION" is our vision for the 2030, which is "To become a technology company that enriches people and contributes to global society. The action "Enhance stakeholder's engagement. We will always consider that "For the benefit of society" and "To be a company that can contribute to society by fulfilling our responsibilities in a sustainable manner. Through dialogue with all of our stakeholders, we will enhance our corporate value.

 The 14th Medium-term Management Plan, which starts in April 2023, is developed after considering the themes of "Succession" and "Well-being". Evolving ESG management and taking the four businesses fields with new measures, we will enter a stage and challenge "new forms" for the future beyond 2030. We will act with more flexibility and curiosity than ever before and look forward to growing with the society around us. We will make our company which the employee can engage in activities that connect them to the future with a smile and feel happy through these activities. Through our business activities, we hope to create a "shape of happiness" that will lead to the future together with a variety of people.

 During the three years of the 13th Medium-term Management Plan, we have progressed in the midst of the disaster of COVID19.We have been asking ourselves what actions we should take , what are the important things we should protect in the midst of unexpected disasters on a global scale, and through repeated trial and error, we have finally reached a way out. The way out is different from the picture that we had envisioned before the pandemic, we set up activities and thoughts has changed.
 Various environmental changes will come our way, and each time they do, we will continue to ask ourselves what the best is, whether we can protect the important things we should protect. We believe that by continuing our "Succession" and "Well-being" activities now, we will be empowered to choose the best course of action.