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1. Mission / Objective of the Laboratory

Our objective is to be a development division which helps ASAHI RUBBER INC. prosper by replicating in the current age the traditions that are the technological development and highly profitable structure of its early years. Specifically, through developing new materials and improving existing materials in response to changing needs, we aim to:

1. Build up the foundation for sales prices,
2. Generate the source for profits, and
3. Develop unique materials required by society.

2. For achievement of our objectives

1) Human Resources

Grow as people aware of social responsibility and with a sense of ethics.


Develop human resources who can independently identify and solve issues.

2) Research & Development

Conduct challenging research through monitoring market trends


Fully recognize the strength of our own company

3) Focus on strategic initiatives
4) Extensively analyze principles to explore opportunities for volume production from diverse angles
5) Intensively study elemental technology for the upcoming five years starting from 2009, with more focus on elemental technology rather than product development

3. Elemental technologies handled by ASAHI FR R&D Co.,Ltd.

Surface modification (attachment), material denaturalization (composition), silicone technology, and research into potential technology (during the period from 2009 to 2010, oxynitride fluorescent body is being researched.)

4. Reference

Explanation on the concept of elemental technologies

1) What are elemental technologies?

These are regarded as the technological pillar supporting Asahi Rubber Group. They are the base for universal technologies, which include:
a. Color match & light control technology,
b. Material denaturalization (composition),
c. Surface modification (attachment),
d. Silicone application technology,
e. Die design, and
f. Processing technology related to these fields.

2) The necessity of universal technologies

As it is shown in Figure 1, it is essential to differentiate the company by clearly defining our added value in order to be well recognized in the market.
As manufacturer, we are committed to contributing to the improvement of society through the cycle ranging from generating ideas and manufacturing products to marketing them. In order to manufacture products with distinctive advantages, our continuous efforts to research elemental technologies, which are core technologies for us, are the most important. Enhancing our elemental technologies, we are expanding our technological fields and universally applying them to new products.

3) The importance of intensively researching elemental technologies on a constant basis

As the environment changes with the times, customer needs are also constantly changing.  In addition, competitors are promoting their initiatives to differentiate themselves by using creative ideas, while there is also a threat of new entrants to our market from different industries. In such times, the added value that will always gain support from customers is found in the reliability and uniqueness of our elemental technologies.

Figure 2 demonstrates the situation where we can only supply stopgap products incompatible with the current age and environment as a result of not intensively researching elemental technologies and blindly pursuing unfamiliar technologies. In this situation, we disperse our resources and fail to adequately explore elemental technologies.

Figure 3 demonstrates the situation where we can offer products of customer choice through our continuous efforts to intensively research elemental technologies, thus solidifying the business foundation continuously.