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President's Greetings

 Asahi Rubber cultivates human resources and technology in line with our corporate philosophy. We embrace the motto, Pursuing the Endless Possibilities, and have earned the support of society by constantly meeting the expectations that even in changing times, Asahi Rubber always has a solution. Founded over a half-century ago, our unwavering mission remains our drive to be an Asahi Rubber that is new and fun for our customers and all employees every day.

 In this age of 100-year life expectancy, the social responsibilities and roles demanded of corporations have grown dramatically as global environmental and societal issues have become more critical to our daily lives. Asahi Rubber strives for the realization of a society in which people coexist with technology and people mutually support each other’s quality of life (QOL). We will continue to value engagement with all our stakeholders, aim to further mutual understanding, and contribute to new solutions by providing value creation unique to Asahi Rubber.

 Asahi Rubber is committed to our role in society and we will work tirelessly towards self-improvement and innovation to deliver unique products to our customers.