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Silicone lens for LEDs, providing excellent UV resistance and heat resistance

Collaborating with a material maker to develop transparent silicone, ASAHI RUBBER was the first to commercialize the new material as lens for all sectors such as general lighting, ultra-violet irradiator, automotive.
We keep providing lens solutions to our customers, supporting in all aspects of material/structure/optical performance backed by its ample experience.
Optical design: Design service, with or without materialization, is available. Lots of experience especially on lighting lens.
Materials: Best material selections from all major silicone makers.
Siloxane: Our special treatment can remove siloxane to the utmost limit. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for solutions in lighting lens.

> To optical design service


Purchase standard lens at Panakuru. Assembly service (Standard lens + UV-LED) is also available. Contact us for details.



UV resistant, Weather resistant
Best for NUV LEDs or blue LEDs, since ASA COLOR lens works well at a wavelength of 365nm.
High Transparency
ASA COLOR lens is transparent over NUV〜NIR(350~1,000nm), with an excellent overall transmittance of 95.4%. ※THK:2mm. Just for reference, none guaranteed value.
Heat resistance
Passed an oven test of 150 ℃×1,000h Reflow solder tolerant (275℃)
Complex shaping
Independent on product size, our accumulated molding technology brings complex shape products.


■Contribution in the market

・Automotive head light
・Ink curing equipment
・None destructive
 inspection equipment

・Infrared light source for car side mirror camera 
・VICS transmitter/receiver (traffic information system)
・Driver condition monitor camera
・Infrared sensor

Ensure to carry out a conformance test in your application prior to using this product.


Advise me on the price.
Standard lens can be purchased by our on-line shop.
For volume discount availability, send inquiry to the on-line shop.
For custom make lens, contact to our sales team.
Advise me on the fixation methods.
As a suggestion, silicone adhesive will be a good choice. See the document.
Can you offer microfabrication and/or complex shape?
Minimum R 0.05 (mm) (depends on configuration of the product).
What is the largest size you can mold?
A rough guide is a volume of about 220g. Contact us for details, since maximum width or height changes depends on product configuration.
Optical design service
Optical design service

We offer design for not only lens optics but also for fixation devices. Feel free to contact us.

〈Contribution in the market〉

・Application ----
Automotive lighting component / General lighting / Signage / lens for LED devices / Ultra-violet irradiator / Infrared transmitter receiver / Medical applications
・Configuration ----
Aspheric lens / Convex lens / Fly-eye lens / Fresnel lens / Cylindrical lens / Free form lens / Rod lens / Light pipe

■Workflow of optical design

Workflow of optical design