【Microfluidic device, Saporous, O-ring】

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Molecular adhesion technology

Strong and fine bonding / bonding technology

Our unique “Molecular Adhesion / Bonding Technology” is a technology that firmly adheres rubber + metal, rubber + resin, rubber + ceramics, rubber + glass, rubber + rubber, etc. By surface treatment of the adhesive surface and heat and pressurization, strong adhesive strength can be obtained without the need for high-concentration adhesive application and high temperature and high pressure as in the conventional adhesive process.




Foams with the large stretching width and high shock absorption.

It is a porous material with open pores, so it has excellent air and moisture permeability. It is hygienic because it does not contain residues such as vulcanizing agents and foaming agents.
There are various thermoplastic elastomers (soft type) and various thermoplastics resin(hard type) for the skeleton polymer of saporous.
We are also developing silicone rubber saporous (silicone saporous).
It is acceptable injection molding, extrusion molding, etc.


  • Highly shock-absorbent
  • High pressure dispersion
  • Highly air breathable and moisture permeable
  • Highly water proof / resistance
  • Highly hygienic
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Can add functions such as antibacterial and deodorant properties to it
  • Freely adjustable hardness and density
  • Can add natural colors to it
  • Can sew it
  • Can use washing and drying machines


It can be used for nursing care and welfare equipment for the elderly, shock absorbing applications, sports supplies, various filters, etc.


  • Hip protector for nursing care (Shock absorption)
  • Head gear for nursing care (Shock absorption)
  • Various insoles (Shock absorption)
  • Arch support insole (Shock absorption)
  • Swimming ear plugs (Waterproof)


It is used for waterproofing of the electrically operated parts of knock sensors and door mirrors of automobiles, and for producing a luxury feel by smoothly moving the sliding parts of the assist grip inside the door.

Rubber for table tennis rackets

This is a high-performance, high-quality product to realize performances such as rebound resilience to hit balls at high speed and friction resilience to make strong spin.

Asahi Rubber accepts only manufacturing consignment. We do not sell rubber for table tennis rackets.