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Control variation in LED color and light

High quality blue LEDs are covered with a phosphor cap.
Wide range of chromaticities can be created by mixing phosphors in silicone rubber caps.
We will propose the chromativity standard according to your request by chromaticity coodenates, correlated color temperature and color temperature deviation.
All of these products are manufactured in Japan, and in 19 years since their launch, sales have exceeded 2.3 billion units.
A total of 19 automobile manufacturers (9 in Japan, 7 in Europe and 3 in North America) have so far been adopted by more than 150 models.

What are the future prospects for automotive LEDs?


Highly sophisticated color adjusting technology

Wide range of color variations

There are more than 10,000 variations and you will always find the colors you want to represent.

Control variation in color and luminous intensity

LEDs are classified and sorted by wavelength rank. Controlling variation in color and luminous intensity by covering caps that match the wavelength rank.

Stable quality

LEDs will be supplied in one rank of chromaticity and luminous intensity over a long period of time.

“Light-shielding technology” to control brightness

Light can be shielded at the time of color adjusting. (A & B can be done at the same time)
Avoids unstable lighting under low currents and allows brightness adjustment under rated drive conditions.



It is mainly used in automotive interiors (speedometer lighting, navigation control, switch, audio, etc.).

Instrument panel
Roof module
Meter lightingMeter lighting